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Tona Pulse


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The Pulse is Tona’s debut surf-oriented board. Dereck’s goal was to design a board that not only shines as a traditional surfboard, but excels on a kite as well. With its low rocker line, wide nose and forgiving rails, it really performs as a regular shortboard in small to mid-sized surf. Its also heaps of fun for kiting in the waves or just messing around with freestyle tricks in the junky shore break. The colorful graphics compliment its reinforced bamboo deck, and these bad boys are sure to turn heads when you whip them out at the beach.


5’8 Barbuda Blue
Width: 48,25 CM – Thickness: 5,1 CM – Volume: 25 L

5’10 Soufrière Grey
Width: 49,5 CM – Thickness: 5,7 CM – Volume: 26 L


Single concave bottom shape. Low entry rocker for easy paddling into waves. Wide outline for maintaining speed and drive in small conditions.


The Pulse comes with one set of Future fins (5), and one set of Tona traction pads for tail and deck. 5’8 comes with blue traction, 5’10 comes with grey traction.


5’10 Soufrière Grey, 5’8 Barbuda Blue